Friday, 18 May 2012

Transport Noise Corridor

Things progressed :

  • Soil test done - H type site
  • Engineering drawings done
  • Working drawings finalised
  • Quoting taking place by builders. Hope to get firm prices next week.

Discovered we are in a transport noise corridor.This is the link we were directed to to determine if we were ( we are in Brisbane)

We are category 2 and the source of the noise is the freeway which is about 250m at least to the rear with about 30 houses and 2 streets and a green belt and bike path between us. We find it rather ludicrous that we are categorized in this corridor yet the house directly opposite us not . We hear little to no noise from the freeway unless an ambo or police car with siren is going on it in the dead of night. The ironic thing is we would get far more noise from the road we live on and yet the house across the road is not in same category . What this category means in $ terms we are not sure yet. We have to attenuate the noise by use of noise inhibiting building materials or we can pay an acoustic consultant to analyse and write a report to challenge the category.

Oh what fun we are having at the moment!!

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