Saturday, 5 May 2012

quick updates....

few quick updates.....
  • Got demolition approval on 24th April
  • Working drawings are being completed
  • Identification survey done of block this week. I recommend Axis Surveys
  • Engineering is underway - soil test next week
  • Getting pre-approval from bank for construction loan
  • The specifications are with builders for quoting which will firm up after engineering is back.


  1. Hi found this Blog via Homeone Forum, great job, will follow your progress

    Wife and I are a similar position. Doing a removal of a house at Wavell Heights and rebuilding.

    Just wondering how long your demolition approval took from time of application?



    1. Hi Chris,
      The demolition approval was very quick. We submitted to the building certifier on 16/4 and received approval on 24/4.

      we will have some more updates real soon as we are getting very close to finalising the builder.
      thanks for taking the interest and feel free to ask any questions.