Saturday, 12 January 2013

A New Year....

Happy New Year!

Well 2013 is here and our countdown has begun. After my last post just before Christmas things understandably stopped. We were however told that there would still be a reasonable amount of work to happen over the Christmas New Year break, however this didn't happen and things only started again this week and this week has been a slow restart. We are at the point were we are quite over it and just want to be in. Let's hope the momentum picks up. Given there wasn't the anticipated progress over the break  we doubt we will be in end of Jan, more like mid - late feb, but like we said last post happy to be wrong! But then to put that all into perspective, the 10th Jan was 5 months since the block was cut.

So what's happened since last time, not too much

Tiles grouted
Few more architraves done

then last few days...
Sealer/Primer on most of the upstairs
Front and side of block cleared

There have been some quality issues with the cabinetry which we have passed back to the builder and cabinet maker and these need to be resolved.

On a positive the new pool is being poured Monday... We had a big of a hiccup with the pool. While we were going to renovate and resurface the existing shell, it became clear doing that we still had a big risk of the new surface cracking. Our existing shell was 30-40 years old and we were told that we would have no warranty for any cracking that might occur to the new surface. We looked into putting a vinyl liner in it, but in the end we opted to build a new pool shell inside the old. This will then be a 100% warrantied brand new pool. Sure it's cost more than the renovation, but at least we know that if we do have any issues we are covered and it will look brand new.

He jack hammered through the old shell to put in a new hydrostatic drain .The pool is ready to be steeled up and poured on Monday. It will be 300mm less in length and width but we won't lose any depth as we are raising the level of the surrounds. It's still going to be a good size pool at 4.7m x 9.7m.

some photos...

Feature tiles still to come, but wet area tiles grouted

Upstairs Alfresco

 Pool ready for new Hydrostatic drain and new shell to be steeled and poured

 Ceiling upstairs painted

Down the side from upstairs

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